Reid Willis – Conveyor (Official Music Video)

Conveyor serves as an introduction to the world of Sediment, a sonic exploration of the complex processes of corrosion, erosion, and metamorphosis. The work delves into the intricacies of how a rugged and unyielding landscape is gradually shaped and transformed over time, through the relentless action of forces both natural and man-made. The aural landscape of Sediment is characterized by the movement of particles, as they are transported from one location to another, and ultimately settle into a new ecosystem, creating a unique and ever-evolving soundscape. Sediment offers a reflection on the ways in which our environment is constantly in flux, and serves as a reminder of the delicate balance between preservation and progress.

Voltaine is an innovative and experimental artist who seamlessly integrates technology, audio, and nature to create truly mesmerizing visuals. His unique and multi-disciplinary approach results in works that are not only technically impressive, but also aim to be emotionally impactful and intellectually stimulating.

For the music video of ‘Conveyor’ by Reid Willis he utilized a blend of Houdini and Cinema4D to create a motion landscape of nature inspired visuals. The fluid and dynamic dance sequences were achieved through the use of Ai motion capture data, which was used to realistically replicate the movements of the dancers in 3D. The dynamic natural environment seen in the video was created using generative 3D modeling techniques, adding to the overall visual impact of the piece.


Music: Reid Willis
Visuals: Voltaine (FIT Digital) – Animation, Mocap Processing and 3D modelling
Label: Mesh Records